Meet Michaela Donnelly, Workshop Team Leader

Career | 1 april 2022 8:30 AM

“The best things about working at Hiab for me are; the people - I love the people I work with, I absolutely love them. They make the day worth it. Hiab is a diverse workplace and there are colleagues from different countries for example; Poland, South Africa as well as different genders working together and everybody just gets on really well. It’s interesting because there is a language barrier so trying to communicate with each of us is sometimes hard, but we always get there in the end.”

Michaela has been working at Hiab for four and a half years and was recently promoted from Workshop Engineer to Workshop Team Leader. Her daily work is varied and includes making sure that the tasks are clear to everyone in the team as well as looking after stock levels and the consumable stock. Besides that, she also builds products in the workshop and likes to develop her skills through different types of training.

One of the previous companies Michaela worked for was producing hooklifts and she was also in the military for eight years. She was therefore very familiar with the product before joining Hiab. When she saw the open position at Hiab, she decided to apply as she had the right skills and was a good fit for the position.

Besides her job, Michaela is passionate about running and spending time with her family. Some of her best memories at Hiab are connected to socialising with her colleagues, going out on after works and teamwork. Her best tip for creating a balanced work environment is to leave work at work and never take work home with you. 

Michaela is very happy to have been promoted to Workshop Team Leader and is looking forward to developing as well as progressing further within the company.