Meet Laura Sergio, Research and Development (R&D)

Career | 29 september 2021 16:53 PM

After being awarded a degree in Electronic Engineering, Laura started working at Hiab as a trainee in the R&D department in 2012. In the beginning of her career, she learned a lot about Hiab’s products and the main activities that took place in the control system, as a result of being determined and asking for support from her colleagues. She then continued her journey as a Control System Engineer, focusing on defining and developing software features. This contributed to the success of many new crane models. After further years of experience and by gaining deep knowledge about the products, Laura was appointed to the role of a Control Systems Manager in R&D in June 2021.

“I am very proud of the new role as well as grateful to everyone who makes my professional growth possible. I continue to learn day by day and I'm very excited to find out what challenges there will be in the future”.

Laura decided to join Hiab as she saw it as a great opportunity to improve her skills in research and development and to satisfy her curiosity in this fascinating sector:

When I started working at Hiab I discovered a great world full of different technologies like electronics, hydraulics and mechanical. I became very passionate about it and realised I could contribute to making a difference. Sometimes when I see a crane working in some place around the world, I think about my contribution in making it possible, which is very rewarding”.

Laura’s daily work tasks include briefing with her collaborators and other departments, discussing new projects and plans as well as other topics such as taking care of software development and documentation and participating in testing activities for different prototypes. Supporting the production plant is also fundamental in her job. Laura enjoys the focus on every individual and their personal development particularly when working at Hiab. She also feels like she is a part of a big family.

Laura is very passionate about product innovation, digitalisation and thinking about how we can profit by learning from other fields such as learning more about artificial intelligence from the automotive industry. In the future she wants to take part in meaningful projects and hopes to make a contribution in doing something good for our planet, like reducing emissions in the atmosphere.