Meet Declan Wiseman, After Sales Support

Career | 26 october 2021 8:51 AM

When studying engineering at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, Declan visited the Dundalk factory. He was interested in the industry and was familiar with the truck mounted forklift product due to having a farming background. A few years after the visit he decided to join the company. Declan started his career at Hiab in February 2016 as an operator on the shop floor. After four months he started working as a Technical Writer creating technical documentation as part of the after sales team. One and a half years later he was appointed to his current role in the after sales support function.

“I think starting my career on the shop floor was a good first step as I got to learn about the machines and saw them being put together. Moving into technical writing and actually seeing how the system works was also very valuable for  my current role. I haven’t just come in and had to to learn everything at once, I gained both hands on and technical experience before I started this role. So I think that has been very beneficial.”

In his current role Declan supports customers who have an issue with the machine after it has left the factory. Declan supports customers with missing parts, documentation requirements and he also works with finding hydraulic and electric faults. Besides that, he creates training materials for different markets and works tightly with R&D to come up with solutions to frontline issues. Here Declan describes his work:

“What I like about Hiab is that everyday is different. You never know what challenges you are going to face next and you never get bored as you don’t do anything that feels repetitive.“

Declan is passionate about sustainable design projects and is especially interested in e-machines. He believes that a focus on e-machines is the way forward. Declan also enjoys working at Hiab and gets along very well with all of his colleagues. He is eager to learn new things and expand his skill set to see where it takes him within the company.