Meet Chris Powell, Sales

Career | 7 july 2020 9:25 AM


Chris Powell, Sales Manager for MOFFETT Truck-Mounted Forklift product in the UK & Ireland has already had a long career at Hiab despite his young age: “I have worked for Hiab for 10 years and I have Hiab in my blood.” Hiab has always been a big part of Chris’ life: “My father also works for Hiab and actually joined the company just one month before I was born, so you could say I have been associated with Hiab my whole life.'' Chris himself started his career at Hiab as a summer worker in 2007 and officially joined Hiab in October 2009 straight after graduating from the University of Chester with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Chris has worked in his current position for two years now. When Chris applied to the job he worked as a Process Deployment Manager at Cargotec’s deployment team and was looking to return back to the Hiab business line and the UK organisation: “We had just appointed a new Managing Director who had an exciting strategy and was making positive changes that I thought I could help towards. The main part of the role that excited me was working with the MOFFETT product. I must admit that I love the product and working with highly passionate people within the organisation who work with it too.”

Besides working with MOFFETT, Chris is hugely passionate about the Hiab people and customers and for him the job never gets boring: “My daily tasks are varied. I, for example, spend time supporting our sales team with sales, updates, information and service support.” For him the favourite part of his work is to get to see the impact of their products and support on customers: “We would be nowhere without our customers and it is great to see and hear when our hard work has helped them achieve their goals.”

Chris sees Hiab not only as a hugely ambitious, innovative and successful organisation that puts a great emphasis on its customers, but also as an organisation where employees are given opportunities to develop skills and progress through their career: “If you’re looking to develop in a business then Hiab is for you. I have lost count of the number of skills I have learned and developed whilst working for the company. The time and effort Hiab has invested in myself is huge and I am massively grateful. I have not only developed skills at Hiab but have developed as a person.”

During his free time Chris likes to keep himself active. He enjoys running and going to the gym but above all, he is a huge fan of football and likes to play it himself too: “A group of Hiab employees actually play 5-a-side football every 2 weeks and we even entered and won a local rowing competition in 2018.” However, Chris admits that he’s not the best at separating work and freetime but he is convinced that this is only because he enjoys his work so much. This can also be seen in Chris’ passion to help and improve the company: “My initial career dream was to work in a role very closely linked to my degree and having achieved that it changed to wanting to be in a position where I can make the greatest impact on Hiab and it's customers. I have recently joined the Hiab UK senior management team and want to help the organisation grow and improve towards its vision.”