Meet Anja Kaiser, Sales Representative

Career | 14 december 2022 11:27 AM

Anja started her career as a truck driver throughout Europe. She later moved into sales and has since September 2021 been selling cranes at Hiab. 

She works as a Sales Representative in the German market and her daily tasks consist of several things ranging from cold calling, planning new customer acquisitions, creating offers, meeting customer inquiries and searching for service partners. She works closely with her team, the technical support team and the service team. She also collaborates with her colleagues in the workshops for the purpose of assembly offers, coordination of installations and scheduling, and she really enjoys the planning part of her work.

In her spare time, Anja loves working in her garden, going for a walk or meeting her friends.

Anja thinks the best part of working at Hiab is dealing with people, mostly the so-called “cold contact” and the work connected to load handling equipment. 

“It's always exciting to get involved with new people and situations because you don't know exactly what to expect. But even more, the work involved with the load handling equipment. I used to drive trucks and really liked driving the truck myself and now operating a crane is something new to me too. For me it's incredibly exciting when you stand next to a super heavy crane and can also operate it. It is indescribable when you first sell equipment to a new truck as text modules and then the moment you see a finished truck in real life for the first time still gives me goosebumps.”