ProCare for LOGLIFT


Reliability guaranteed with superior coverage

Built to last, carrying the heaviest loads or performing manoeuvres in tight spaces, your forestry crane knows how to perform. Keep your investment working smoothly and at top capacity with Hiab ProCareTM for LOGLIFT.

Safety, performance and efficiency are never compromised when you invest in preventative service and maintenance. Let Hiab take the load off so you can focus on the heavy duty work.

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How will ProCare help my business and profitability?

Reliability is the key to successful business operations. Find out how a tailored service package can support your workforce to keep delivering, on time, and to maximum efficiency.

What’s always included?

  • Secured uptime with scheduled and preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance at one fixed cost
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and increased resale value
  • Professional technicians and original spare parts

Extended warranty

Extended warranty is an additional 1-year extension of our standard warranty. Once you have invested in high-performance equipment, you rely on its productivity and want to safeguard it from unexpected costly repairs and downtime.

Extended warranty includes:

  • Warranty coverage extension of the standard customer warranty period from 24 months up to 36 months. Maximum usage limitations apply (lifting cycles/platform changes/engine hours) as defined in the Service and warranty manuals and Operator’s manuals.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, the extended warranty is subject to the terms and conditions of the standard warranty given by Hiab (as set forth in the “Warranty Handbook”, “Service and warranty manual”, “Service manual” and/or “Preventive Maintenance manual” applicable to the equipment).
  • Extended warranty covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of products or parts manufactured or supplied by Hiab (or its authorized dealers) that appear under the conditions of normal operation and in proper use.
  • Extended warranty includes material and labour costs.


Service that keeps your LOGLIFT forestry crane in superb condition. Preventative yearly maintenance that removes the stress of unforeseen problems.

Planned maintenance includes:

  • Full preventative and planned maintenance programme in line with Hiab official guidelines
  • Lubrication of the crane
  • Operational checks and adjustments on the crane
  • Replacement of filters
  • Top-up / replacement of hydraulic oil

Inspections always include:

  • Check of over 100 different checkpoints areas related to equipment performance, wear items and safety aspects, with overview provided on general equipment condition. Including legal certification if applicable.
  • Crane operation, functions, features and crane full range of motion
  • Visual inspection of safety devices, operator station, crane structure and hydraulic system
  • Condition checks on items such as slide pads, hoses and pipes
  • Driver/supervisor debrief
  • Recommendations on required safety or productivity related actions/repairs