Industry Segments


Efficient operations decide the profitability of a company. We develop our product and solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and their delivery. Depending on your market or industry there may be a need for extra payload, more frequent stops, additional safety, faster operations, more stable operations, tilting and much more.

The tail lift product range is shaped around you; the end user and your delivery needs.

Explore Hiab tail lift applications:

Rental / Leasing
When logistics and distribution companies do not wish to own their own truck fleet they lease them. Our tail lifts provide low cost of ownership, serviceability and easily accessible spare parts to help minimise the risks that come with vehicle rental. Lightweight and durable lift design helps to increase payload and lower fuel consumption, not to mention reducing CO2 emissions to better serve the environment.

Logistics / Less than Load
With the complex logistics of less than load, we make sure to deliver a product that can lift a wide range of loads at a low cost. With focus on weight we are able to make significant savings on fuel and CO2 emissions. In combination with Hiab's telematic solution HiConnect it is possible to utilise a pay per lift revenue stream, avoid battery failures and keep track of your asset for increased productivity.

Food & Beverage
For the specific needs of food & beverage logistics and distribution we make lifts that operate smoothly and efficiently. Safety and productivity is increased with the lifts impressive center of gravity.

Final Mile
In the final mile segment, safety and ease of use are a key priority. Our final mile products are designed for quick, safe and intense usage. As e-commerce increases, delivery schedules are even more stringent than normal putting demands on safety, functionality and efficiency. The tail lift product range for the final mile segment, is designed with this in mind to ensure you to make a safe and easy delivery.

Other segments and applications
Tail lifts span a wide range of products and accessories that serve our customers in all areas of logistics and distribution such as defence, construction, waste and recycling and much more. Contact us to find out more or have a look in our product selector.

Explore the tail lift product range