ZEPRO ZL 1500/2000

A version of the heavy duty ZHD model, designed for vehicles with GVW over 12 tons that need more space between the lift arms. Lifting capacity of 1500 and 2000 kg.
The load centre of 1000 mm enables heavy, voluminous loads to be handled with ease.
The maximum lifting height is 1710 mm.

- Steel and aluminium platforms in a wide variety of dimensions.
- The hydraulic unit is integrated in the steel support frame, which gives protection and keeps the pump noise to a minimum.
- Double acting tilt cylinders throughout ensure speedy loading and offloading regardless of weather or temperature.

ZEPRO ZL 1500-135ZEPRO ZL 1500-155ZEPRO ZL 1500-175ZEPRO ZL 2000-135ZEPRO ZL 2000-155ZEPRO ZL 2000-175
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