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To the customer, the addition of the MultiRamps products to the FrameWorks overall solutions offer means having one less stop to be made for completing the truck setup, and one less supplier to handle.

Optimizing time

The time saved becomes valuable for the customers' business, their attention should be dedicated to what they know and do best… that is take care of their customers and jobs to be accomplished, not lose time having to access and set up their working equipment.

Design quality

Quality and an industrial design make the MultiRamps products extremely professional, and the additional assurance on the overall workmanship is true to what they deliver, leaving to the past the solutions made by smaller shops or improvised installers.

Customers can benefit from a modular design that makes the whole installing process a lot easier and free from useless burdens or limitations, they can be equally installed during the purchase, or mounted afterwards.


MultiRamps will come in different designs, as of which now is available the AT model.

The AT stands for “articulated”, whereas the geometry of the mechanism ensures for the ramps to lay down for allowing vehicles to move onto the truck bed, but they equally lay down flat in the other direction for suiting cargo or container hauling on the platform itself.

  • More truck installation variants available to choose among
  • Professional and industrial design high quality product
  • Save time for installation setup