Standard installations


Hiab FrameWorks

Standard installation solutions from Hiab are products and services that support bodybuilders and installers around the globe in reducing installation times and accessing highly professionally designed pre-fit equipment.

Hiab contributes to serving its customers through the offer of solutions that optimize time, reduce handling efforts and that last long mankind the investment truly worth it. Discover more about the many solutions that are available.


Hiab FrameWorks is the pre-manufactured, fully bolted system with subframe solution to install the heavy range HIAB loader cranes.

The patented installation package offers a standardised solution heavy crane subframes and it is complete with pump, tanks and auxiliary stabilizers.


Hiab FrameWorks means a rugged subframe with extreme torsion rigidity – for up to 40% greater stability.

The Hiab FrameWorks system is a CE-certified package that takes full advantage of Hiab manufacturing capabilities. Designed for fully automated production, including robot welding and advanced cataphoretic dip painting, create a lasting subframe with incredible torsion rigidity. The latter limits stress on the truck chassis and works with VSL or VSL PLUS to provide capacity-enhancing stability.


Hiab FrameWorks is a modular system that minimises design work and cuts installation time by 75%.

Supplied ready-to-install for a specific truck and crane, a Hiab FrameWorks solution eliminates days of calculation and design hassle, as well as weeks of installation labour. The subframe is bolted on using the included attachment kit, with no welding or grinding involved. Nor is any lateral plating needed on the Truck chassis.


Hiab FrameWorks saves you a great deal of effort, but it also saves you headaches by eliminating risk. Installing a crane in one quarter of the time is a valuable proposition. And so is the opportunity to spend less time on sourcing and quality control.

But Hiab FrameWorks is smart in other ways too. All critical calculations are incorporated into the Hiab FrameWorks system, which leaves all the worry to us.


Hiab FrameWorks is a full package that makes both delivery and future service a simple matter.

A Hiab FrameWorks solution is a complete solution that leaves nothing to chance. As well as the subframe, attachment kit and detailed mounting instructions, you get the oil tank and other key accessories along with the crane itself. That saves you sourcing elsewhere – and means easy access to Hiab spare parts and service down the road.




Hiab T-Bodies are specifically designed ‘ready to install’ rear truck installation packages for professional load and lifting purposes, capable of fitting on a wide array of truck brands.

They represent the optimal setup for your HIAB loader crane and total package offer. What matters is being able to dedicate time to the business, while reducing that required for internal procedures or setup times that do not contribute to the bottomline.

Ideal for OEM truck manufacturers, professional bodybuilders, installers, Municipalities, Utility companies and Governmental service departments.



What matters is being able to dedicate time to the business, while reducing that required for internal procedures or setup times that do not contribute to the bottomline. The 100% bolted, weld-free construction saves you time and money on labour and maintenance, since all parts are quick and easy to remove and replace.


Hiab BodyWorks makes getting the perfect loader body an affordable reality for the first time ever. Our core concept is straightforward and modular. Take one of our three standard models, then simply add the options and accessories you need. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to get the solution that’s just right for your vehicles and applications.


Hiab BodyWorks are significantly lighter than any other loader body currently available. This means you can carry the same payload more economically, a higher payload at no extra cost, or any combination of the two. It’s a win for your bottom line, and a win for the environment, too.


Our pre-manufactured modules make installation a breeze – around two weeks compared with up to eight weeks for a traditional loader body. This cuts 75% off the waiting time for a truck to be delivered and ready for use.


Our modular concept is designed for mechanical simplicity. The bolted construction is 100% weld-free, so parts are easy to remove and replace. That means big savings for you when it comes to maintenance time and labour costs.


Corrosion is a killer for loader bodies. To ensure a long service life, Hiab BodyWorks are treated with our unique nDurance anti-corrosion coating. nDurance is Hiab’s advanced nanotechnology paint process, and it provides the industry’s toughest protection in all weathers.

Standard configurations:

Get the precise customized design you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.
Start with one of our three standard BodyWorks models: Basic, Basic+ and High-end. Then select from a range of interchangeable modules, options and accessories to get the perfect body for your loading needs and local requirements.

Verhelst Transportation in the Netherlands explain why they choice Hiab FrameWorks for their crane installations

"We had certain ideas about what a crane should look like and Hiab Factory Installation Center was the only supplier who could realise our vision quickly, properly and in line with our demands. They´re very flexible when it comes to the build-up. You could really tell that at Hiab the customer comes first"
Jacky Verhelst, Owner Verhelst Transport


  • Headboard module
  • Wheel arch module
  • Rear section
  • Working lights
  • Simple flooring option (wood)
  • Standard toolboxes


Is the same as our Basic model, plus:

  • Standard flooring, wood combined with steel above the rear axles
  • Multiple toolboxes
  • Additional lashing points
  • Side rave continues to the cabin
  • Stainless steel plating


Is as Basic+, with additional pocket storage, and options including:

  • Toolbox on top of headboard with working lights, supports for a spreader and ball coupling for a trailer.
  • Wide load signs
  • Stainless steel plating in front of fuel tank
  • Step or toolbox between rear axles


To the customer, the addition of the MultiRamps products to the FrameWorks overall solutions offer means having one less stop to be made for completing the truck setup, and one less supplier to handle.


MultiRamps will come in different designs, as of which now is available the AT model.

The AT stands for “articulated”, whereas the geometry of the mechanism ensures for the ramps to lay down for allowing vehicles to move onto the truck bed, but they equally lay down flat in the other direction for suiting cargo or container hauling on the platform itself.

  • More truck installation variants available to choose among
  • Professional and industrial design high quality product
  • Save time for installation setup



Ever wished you could mount a crane and hooklift on the same vehicle?  Now you can, thanks to MultiBeam, part of the next generation of Hiab FrameWorks.


Consisting of two beams and an attachment kit, Hiab MultiBeam is our new flexible, two-in-one solution, designed to meet the productivity needs of users in the waste handling, recycling and forestry industries. Not only multifunctional but also stable, durable, and simple to install, MultiBeam simultaneously extends the functionality of your equipment and reduces your workload.



Quality and an industrial design make the MultiRamps products extremely professional, and the additional assurance on the overall workmanship is true to what they deliver, leaving to the past the solutions made by smaller shops or improvised installers.

Customers can benefit from a modular design that makes the whole installing process a lot easier and free from useless burdens or limitations, they can be equally installed during the purchase, or mounted afterwards.



The time saved becomes valuable for the customers' business, their attention should be dedicated to what they know and do best… that is take care of their customers and jobs to be accomplished, not lose time having to access and set up their working equipment.


MSP Modular Subframe Program

Hiab FrameWorks division offers a number of diverse subframe elements that enable the connection between the different truck manufacture's frames and the various BodyWorks solutions, hosting crane and tool equipment. The subframes are treated with the special protective coating nDurance and come with a two year warranty for the installation and five years coverage for the structural components. MSP is available for cranes ranging from the X-CLX 078 to the X-HiPro 232 model.