Customised installations



Achieve the perfect installation for your business needs with Hiab’s customised installation service. The Hiab installation team will sit with you to understand the specific requirements and support the entire process from engineering to handover. Sketches and technical drawings will form the basis of the installation and be followed throughout the process to guarantee the final result is exactly what was ordered.

The journey through our installation process


1. Engineering

Custom installation starts with creating the technical documentation. Detailed CAD drawings, hydraulic diagrams, and wiring diagrams give a complete picture before work begins ensuring your needs are understood and will be met.


2. Mounting

Mounting is carried out by trained technicians from one of our certified workshops or dealers, following prescribed working methods and using only Hiab original parts and tools. This work is done to the highest quality standards so the equipment performs at its peak for maximal operational uptime.


3. Final test and inspection

Before handing over the equipment, quality and stability control tests are performed to ensure safe operation and that all technical specifications as outlined in the engineering phase are met.


4. Handover

During delivery a complete review and familiarisation of the operating functions and service needs are carried out. If comprehensive training is needed, a Hiab sales representative can take care of this.