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  • Truck mounted forklifts are mounted on the rear of a truck or a trailer so they don’t encroach on valuable load space inside the vehicle.

  • A truck mounted forklift gives the driver the ability to load/unload cargo without having to waste time waiting for help. This improves the productivity of your operation. It also lets you deliver right to the spot where your customer wants it.

  • Truck-mounted forklifts can be dismounted fairly quickly and are ready to go to work immediately. In the case of the MOFFETT truck mounted forklift, we’re talking under a minute. You can access and unload/load your vehicle from any point; you can pick and choose your load order.

  • Compared to conventional industrial forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts are lighter and more agile; they can be used in places where accessibility and maneuverability is a challenge - like construction sites for instance.

Are you looking to grow your distribution business? Do you regularly deliver building supplies to construction sites? Are you handling waste materials and recyclables? Do you transport hazardous provisions like liquefied petroleum gases?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then perhaps you should consider a MOFFETT truck mounted forklift. If so, the next step is to choose the right MOFFET for your needs. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating your needs:

1. What type of application will be your main focus?
This is the first step for selecting the right MOFFET as each application has its own challenges

2. How much do you need to lift? MOFFET offers lifting capacity up to 3500kgs.

3. How high do you need to lift your load? With a MOFFET, you can reach up to 4.0 meters, subject to machine model and specification.

MOFFET offers an extensive range of truck mounted forklifts for all kinds of loading and unloading tasks.


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