Hiab’s customers are located across the globe. Customers’ business areas include construction, infrastructure, distribution, forestry, landscaping and agriculture, warehousing, waste and recycling, and defense.

Hiab’s business is characterized by a high number of individual, small orders. The lead time from order to delivery varies between two to four months.

Hiab’s business follows truck sales and construction activity. Sentiments in the distribution, warehousing and forest businesses also affect Hiab. An increasing focus on health, safety and environmental issues among truck owners is expected to have a positive effect on Hiab’s business.

Residential houses, the associated roof constructions and other construction elements are increasingly built elsewhere and transported to their location. In mature markets, this creates a need for Hiab products, especially for high capacity equipment. In emerging markets, the trend involves a move away from small transportation packages. Larger elements and palletized goods are increasingly used, since they speed up the construction process and enable standardized load handling. The need to move larger elements is creating demand for the more advanced products that Hiab can offer.


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