Safety and stability, built in

Get all the safety and stability you need, without the performance hit. These are a few of the key features built­into HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S.

Our column design enables a stabilizer system that is more flexible compared with traditional US A­frame cranes. The stabilizer beam is separate from the loader body, so you can fit it on either side of the body without welding. Out­and­down stabilizers come as standard, plus we offer a flap­down option for the toughest environments.

An optional E­stop kit improves safety. One hit on the button brings all operations to a halt – just what you need in an emergency. This option also includes warning systems covering multiple hazardous situations.

Additional safety options are available to meet individual needs. For example, overload protection and load­holding valves.

  • Standard out­and­down stabilizers

Optional features:

  • Flap­down stabilizers
  • E­stop kit with emergency button and stow warning system
  • Overload protection system
  • Load­holding valve



Download the HIAB J14S & HIAB J24S brochure here: Brochure – HIAB J14S & HIAB J24S

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