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The need to turn waste into useful, sustainable resources keeps growing, and so do the demands on the people who work in the recycling business. No matter what materials you’re working with, you need solutions that can stand up intense load cycles each and every day

We understand those demands, which is why all JONSERED cranes come equipped with standard and optional features to provide the speed and reliability that your operation requires. Your crane gives you exactly what you need to get your job done—and done efficiently.

Durability for a tough business
True sustainability means getting the most out of every resource, and the same is true of the equipment you rely on. JONSERED cranes are designed to keep you up and running year after year. For instance the slewing mechanism is fully enclosed in an oil bath to constantly keep it in great condition and internal hose routing keep the hoses safe from accidental damage caused by the harsh work environment of a recycling crane. Swivelling couplings also allow your hydraulic hoses to move freely, which further reduces friction and damage to hoses which keeps down the need for maintenance and repair. All together these are elements contribute to an impressively long service life.

Safety+R for maximum protection
Recycling people know how important safety is on the job. JONSERED recycling cranes offer the Safety+R system, with smart features to get your job done as efficiently as possible without having to worry. Safety+R features include Overload Protection, an Operator Protection System, and a Load Holding Valve that prevents the load from dropping in the event of a hose failure.

VSL for confident stability
Hiab Variable Stability Limit (VSL) increases crane stability so your operators can focus on performing their job with full confidence. The intelligent system automatically optimizes the crane’s capacity, ensuring safe and stable operation at all times.

nDurance nano-technology for all-weather protection
Rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on a crane all year around. That’s why there’s nDurance — a technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nanotechnology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating and powder painting. Every square millimeter of the crane is covered with three protective layers for the highest corrosion resistance. 100% phosphate free with no heavy metals and virtually zero waste, nDurance is created with sustainability in mind.

Double rack slewing for smooth and reliable performance*
The powerful JONSERED slewing system features a double rack design that is especially suitable for heavy duty applications. It ensures a smooth start and high torque, with reliable operation even on inclines and slopes. This keeps your productivity up and your maintenance needs down. 
* The JONSERED 1100RS comes with single rack slewing.

Operator control interface for your best view
Maximum visibility is essential to getting the job done quickly, efficiently and safely, and JONSERED offer options* to fit the way your operators work. You can choose single or dual stand up platforms for convenience, or an ergonomic and adjustable high seat for an elevated view. You even have the option of choosing a crane with remote control operation so you have the freedom to find the best possible vantage point.
* The availability of workstation options may vary from model to model. Please check with your dealer what options are available for each model.

Three-point bridge, built for the road
The right crane makes a difference on the job, as well as in getting to and from it. In JONSERED recycling cranes, a three-point bridge connects the crane to the truck chassis, minimising the impact on driving characteristics. You can be confident your ride will be a smooth and pleasant experience, every day.

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