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HIAB loader cranes make your truck much more than just a truck, so that you can take on value-added jobs. By letting you load and unload without additional equipment, they can speed up and improve your business. But they can also be a business of their own, performing a wide range of lifting, manoeuvring and manipulating tasks.

The basic ranges below are only a beginning. Capacities, booms, tools and control systems can all be combined for broad flexibility or a high degree of specialisation. Together we define your needs and configure the HIAB crane to match them – in every detail.

HIAB light-capacity loader crane range (<12 tm)

HIAB loader cranes with lighter capacities up to 12 tonne metres can easily be fitted onto most small and medium-sized vehicles. This makes them versatile tools that complement your existing business. Though small and lightweight, the cranes perform a wide variety of demanding tasks with ease.

Cranes in the HIAB light range are either stiff-boom cranes, such as those of the T-series, or smaller knuckle-boom cranes in the X-series. They can be used to lift and move different types of goods, such as tyres or cable spools, but also to hold items in position as you work with them.

HIAB medium-capacity loader crane range (12-30 tm)

HIAB loader cranes in the medium range lift between 12 and 30 tonne metres, giving your truck much greater flexibility. A wide variety of crane setups ensures not only an optimal crane configuration, but also the right balance between crane and payload space for your work.

Cranes in the HIAB medium range are often knuckle-boom cranes like those of the X-series. They also include specialised cranes, such as L-series cranes with a longer first extension or Z-series cranes, which fold up behind the cabin with the tool still attached. All of these cranes can be used for general duties like the transport of sand, gravel and building supplies, but they can even be used to perform more complicated tasks, such as digging or the positioning of pipes for public works.

HIAB heavy-capacity loader crane range (>30 tm)

HIAB loader cranes in the heavy range offer capacities over 30 tonne metres, along with remarkable flexibility and outstanding performance. Their combination of power and finesse makes them a versatile choice when the crane itself is the main focus of your business.

Cranes in the HIAB heavy range are knuckle-boom cranes in the X-series. Short-boom EP versions are used in applications where heavy lifting and transporting are in focus, for example at distribution and logistics facilities. Long-boom versions are generally used in applications with complex manoeuvring and manipulating, such as construction and installation tasks or complicated rescue and salvage operations.


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