FlexControl™ offers freedom of control

FlexControl™ gives you freedom to customise your skiploader — paying only for what you need when you need it, as the modular system makes retrofitting easy. Control options even include the possibility to have outside, in-cab, radio remote controls, or a customised combination. 

Other smart options include a dynamic on-board weighing system, which weighs the container during the loading movement, and smart-drive for telescopic arms and stabiliser legs. With smart-drive, the RH/LH sides can operate simultaneously or independently, keeping constant speed regardless of how and to which direction you drive the functions. 

  • PLC control system with CAN bus interface
  • In-cab, radio, outside controls or combo
  • Dynamic on-board weighing system
  • Two-speed comfort drive for main arms
  • Fast-speed offload with safety interlock
  • Smart-drive for telescopic arms and stabiliser legs

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