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How do we ensure that every MOFFETT truck mounted forklift meets more expectations for performance, reliability and durability? It’s simple. We begin with understanding your needs. Then use our expertise and know-how to create the forklift that delivers efficiency and productivity tailored for you.



Quick and easy Remote Ground Mount™
Our Remote Ground Mount™ system enables you to conveniently mount and dismount your MOFFETT truck mounted forklift single-handedly and effortlessly via a point-and-click wireless remote control – all in under a minute.

Extended reach with Lift Assist® 
The combination of Lift Assist® with pantograph or telescopic forks on the M5 / M8 range enables you to load and offload from the far side of a fully loaded truck with all mast functions such as side shift and tilt, without causing the mast to collide with the truck or trailer body.

4-way steering for effortless manoeuvrability 
All the wheels on MOFFETT 4-way models can be rotated independently for lateral movement when handling wide loads or negotiating narrow pathways. This helps it wriggle through confined spaces with ease.

Stabilizers for firm footing
Telescopic stabilizers at the front of the MOFFETT truck mounted forklift give it added stability when loading/unloading heavy loads.


Easy on the environment
The MOFFETT E-series Pro Future™ is the world’s first truck mounted forklift powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Which means it’s 100% emission free. This helps reduce the environmental impact significantly.

Silent operation
Accredited with the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, the E-Series has been recognised for its outstanding quiet technology, helping to reduce the noise levels in our environment. Early-morning or late-night deliveries in urban areas are no longer a nuisance thanks to its near-silent operation.

Easy charging
The E-Series models are fitted with an onboard charger providing complete flexibility in terms of charging location and specification of carrier vehicle. Depending on battery size, the forklift can be fully charged in as little as three hours.

Reduced cost of ownership
Because it operates on Lithium-ion technology, the MOFFETT E-Series offers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and a much better Return on Investment as compared to diesel truck mounted forklifts


Our easy-to-use Ground Start system on the NX range enables you to mount and dismount your MOFFETT truck mounted forklift easily, safely and efficiently by using the ergonomically placed Ground Start button.

Reduced maintenance time
The MOFFETT M4 NX has a redesigned bonnet and rear doors, access to do daily checks and routine maintenance is made even easier.

Reduced cost of ownership™
Savings on all sides
The M4 NX models now provide reduced cost of ownership. You get faster and quieter operations, reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Light, but far from lightweight
Europe’s most trusted truck mounted forklift now has even more versatile performance. With the most efficient power-to-weight ratio in the industry.


The combination of pantograph and telescopic forks on the M4 NX range enables you to load and unload from the far side of a fully loaded truck or trailer

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