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Discover smart ways to handle urbanization challenges, new demands on waste management and increasingly tough environmental standards with MOFFETT. 

As recycling shifts from fashionable buzzword to mandatory task, MOFFETT’s range of truck mounted forklifts provides everything you need to transport waste and recyclables. The lightweight yet sturdy design combined with a MOFFETT’s ability to be transported on a truck or trailer, allows you to pick up more in less time with greater payload capacity.

MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts are available with a range of options. Need to pick up baled products? Choose one fitted with chisel forks, squeeze forks or a bale clamp. Need to handle a variety of dumpsters fast? Try a hydraulic fork-positioner on your MOFFETT.

Whether it’s picking up waste containers from supermarkets and hotels or baled paper, plastic and metal waste, you’ll find a MOFFETT that will do the job quickly and efficiently.

Best models for this job: MOFFETT M4 / M5 / M8

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