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A MOFFETT is a versatile farmhand to have by your side, delivering products such as fertilizer or animal feeds right where they’re needed – saving you time and effort. Farms can be congested and difficult to get to – littered with machinery, equipment and materials. You need a machine that enables faster load handling. But most importantly, you need a highly manoeuvrable machine that can get around farms with agility. You need MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts.

With its high lift capacity, robust design and a wide range of attachments such as clamps, different fork options and positioners, the Moffett truck mounted forklift easily handles just about any material at a construction site.

When you use a MOFFETT, you protect your truck from wear and tear by keeping it away from muddy locations. A MOFFETT powers over rugged or muddy terrain with All Wheel Drive, ensuring you don't get stuck in mud. Some models have SuperReach technology that enables one-side unloading.

Whether you’re moving animal feed, fencing materials or other items like fertilizer, there’s always a MOFFETT for the job.

Best models for this job: MOFFETT M4 / M5 / M8 / M9 / M10

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