The moving mast model for lift capacities up to 3500 kg

Designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, especially for the use on difficult terrain.


All Wheel Drive

All wheel drive to negotiate all kinds of terrain. All-wheel drive lets you drive surely and safely – whether you’re navigating the rough terrain of a construction site or making over-the- curb deliveries in urban areas.

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Lift Assist®

The combination of Lift Assist® with pantograph or telescopic forks on the M5 / M8 range enables you to load and offload from the far side of a fully loaded truck with all mast functions such as side shift and tilt, without causing the mast to collide with the truck or trailer body. [Optional Feature]

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Technical infoMOFFETT M8 NX 25.3 MOFFETT M8 NX 25.4 MOFFETT M8 NX 30.3 MOFFETT M8 NX 30.4 MOFFETT M8 NX 35.3 MOFFETT M8 NX 35.4
Engine TypeDiesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Lift Height (mm)3040 mm3040 mm3040 mm3040 mm3040 mm3040 mm
Overhang (mm)1475 mm1475 mm1475 mm1450 mm1475 mm1475 mm
Weight (kg)2530 kg2810 kg2630 kg2910 kg3130 kg3410 kg
Lifting Capacity (kg)2500 kg2500 kg3000 kg3000 kg3500 kg3500 kg


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