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Today, recycling is serious business. Rising consumption and population growth mean waste needs to be handled in more useful ways that can create a better world. It’s about one thing: sustainability. That is what we stand for.

So, what can JONSERED recycling cranes give you? We can sum it up in three words that are at the core of everything that comes from Hiab: Built to Perform. But it’s is not just any performance. JONSERED is designed to meet the tough demands of recycling and the people who make it possible.

This is what’s at the heart of every JONSERED crane.


Working with recyclables is tough work; Long working days and intense load cycles. Simply put: you need a crane that’s built to take a beating. Your crane should reflect these needs and keep working under continuous load cycles.The JONSERED recycling range is particularly developed with durability in mind to support you in your operation. You’re supported by unique features that make sure your JONSERED stays there with you. Day after day, year after year.


Your profitability is connected to your ability to deliver, and in the recycling business that often means getting the job done fast. JONSERED cranes are designed to quickly move a wide variety of materials. Intuitive steering and a multiple work station options mean your operator can work efficiently in the way that suits them best. And advanced safety features ensure you can move fast without every worrying about stability.


To support you and your business, together with unmatched reliability and performance, we offer you the industry’s best service and people. People for whom the highest compliment is when recycling people say, “they are one of us.” Like our JONSERED cranes, we work harder and go further for you. Parts and assistance are easily accessible, thanks to our comprehensive and swift service network. Whether you’re at the scrap yard or on a municipal road works project, we’re right there with you—always.


JONSERED has a lengthy history of developing and manufacturing cranes specifically for moving everything from glass to wood and metal, but also cars and construction debris. Jonsered cranes are designed with real customer insight and are thoroughly tested to withstand the demands of the recycling business. In our crane testing center, we can simulate a decade of work in much shorter time in any environmental conditions. And everything we do in the lab is confirmed by real-world testing in the environments where you work.

Rest assured, your JONSERED crane is as fast and durable as it gets, based on:

  • Construction for safety, speed and durability
  • Design exceeding industry standards
  • Specially developed and well-proven technology
  • Top-quality materials and production processes
  • Extensive testing in both lab and field

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