A full-closure tail lift that incorporates a rear frame, top door and tail lift in one product.

The all-in-one solution, that can be fitted in a single installation. The integrated design also saves installed weight to maximise vehicle payload and improve fuel efficiency.

The FC500 replaces the conventional three-piece construction of rear frame, roller shutter door and tail lift with a low weight one piece lift offering a choice of platform depths and safety features such as trolley stops and safety guards.


Drop in Detachable Guards

This is the simplest solution, the guards can be fitted to any type of platform, on any type of tail lift ‘Pockets’ set into the platform allow the guard to be dropped into position. When not needed the guards are stored within the vehicle. These type of guards can be retrofitted to tail lifts already fitted to vehicles.

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Auto Erect Fences

Arguably the safest and most user friendly types of guards because they automatically deploy when the platform is opened. The guards are permanently hinged to the tip of the platform, simply closing the platform causes the fences to fold up automatically. Preferred by operators, because they have no extra work to do but also by vehicle owners because the guards must always be used.

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Extra Deep Platforms

We have the ability to increase the overall working size of the platform to suit a wide range of application needs. Please contact our sales teams with information on the items you are lifting and they will help you spec the correct platform size for your needs.

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Technical infoDEL FC500
Lift Height (mm)1060 mm
Platform Length (mm)1065 - 1370 mm
Lifting Capacity (kg)500 kg
Bed Height Min (Mm)0 - 1060 mm
Alu platform
Steel platform
Alu/alu platform
Steel/alu platform




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