The load handling industry is going through a transformation. As the pioneer of the industry, Hiab aims to set the pace going forward.

The world continues to spin faster. Urbanisation means 2 billion people globally will move to cities in the next 30 years — about 5.5 million per month. Inevitably this will make cities more crowded, meaning that our customers have more load to manage in less time and tighter spaces.

To ensure our customers get their job done, our role as the pioneer is more relevant today than ever since we created the industry. We are committed to keep on developing new solutions that unlock the full potential of load handling. Through that we can fulfil our vision: To be the number one partner in global on-road load handling, inspiring and shaping the industry.

Taking advantage of the digital opportunities will give our customers the tools to manage the increased complexity of load handling. They will be able to operate more efficiently in a 24/7 society. Connectivity, for example, will provide owners and operators with information and knowledge on how they use the equipment when using it, and what is needed to make the usage more visible and efficient.

At Hiab, we see our industry’s transformation as an opportunity. We are ready to address the increasing need for efficiency and sustainability, enabling getting the job done better in a changing world.

This hunger to find new opportunities and deal with the everyday challenges comes naturally to us; it is in the Hiab DNA as our pioneering spirit. We are driven by our mission: We keep everyday life moving by unlocking the full potential of load handling in our customers’ businesses. The statement also reflects our role in society with our equipment making sure that there is bread at the breakfast table, materials at construction sites, and that waste is carried away.

Key focus areas to reaching our goals

We have defined four focus areas to reach our goals:

· Innovate
· Be closer to our customers and dealers
· Use our local knowhow and presence to grow globally
· Light up our pioneering spirit

Innovation is a key priority for us. Creating sustainable solutions for the 24/7 society is part of becoming the leader in intelligent load management. Our pioneering spirit gives us the confidence to inspire the whole industry’s transformation.

By creating the most positive customer experience in the industry, we will stay close to our customers. That allows us to be proactive and innovate ahead.

Hiab’s way to drive growth is building strong local presence and seizing new opportunities based on insights from local markets. That local knowhow also drives global growth, helping us discover new opportunities. Our vast experience from more than 120 markets gives us a truly global view.

Our values make us who we are

Wherever we operate, we live and work by the same set of core values: Reliable, Caring and Pioneering.

Reliability is our responsibility – our customers rely on us to make a living on Hiab equipment to keep everyday life moving.

Caring is reflected in providing equipment that is safe to use and safe for everyone around them. It is also about creating sustainable solutions, because we care about the world we live in.

As the industry pioneer it is in our nature to set industry standards. When the industry is changing so fast, our customers rely on our ability to pioneer new solutions that ease their everyday life and build their future.

Hiab’s strategic targets are to provide better customer satisfaction than any other player in on-road load handling, to improve profitability and to grow faster than the market.

Through continuous research and product development, Hiab is advancing its product offering to meet customers’ needs and expectations globally, with products that are durable, reliable, safe and easy to use. In services, the development of the spare parts business is one of the key focus areas in order to improve our profitability.

Customer satisfaction is the first priority for Hiab, as well as for Hiab dealers and service points. Twice a year, we approach customers who have received a Hiab product within the last three to six months, with a survey measuring their satisfaction with Hiab. Covering 19 countries worldwide, the questionnaire covers all aspects of their relationship with Hiab, from sales to products, after sales service and Hiab overall. The results of these surveys are incorporated in Hiab’s processes, with the aim of continuously improving our products and service quality.

In 2014, our focus is on accelerating the strategy execution in order to improve the financial performance. A strong emphasis is placed on the cost structure and building a performance culture.

Hiab’s product brands command strong market positions and high customer satisfaction. Best-in-class product quality is guaranteed by innovative technical leadership. Our product development is based on our customers’ needs and customer satisfaction is the key priority for Hiab. It is also very important for us that our customers feel safe when using our products no matter where they are assembled.

Hiab has developed the Hiab Production System (HPS), according to which we produce the same Hiab quality in all our assembly units worldwide. The quality requirements, principles, processes and standards are the same for all our facilities. Same components are used, and all testing is made according to the same method. This gives us the opportunity to be flexible between our facilities for optimal utilisation and the shortest delivery time for our customers.

Hiab has established its environmental programme, according to which:

  • Hiab promotes environmental-friendliness and commits itself to reducing energy consumption in products, operations and services in line with the Cargotec Environmental Policy and external commitments.
  • Hiab commits itself to adopting a precautionary approach to any environmental challenges it encounters in its operations.
  • Hiab ensures compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Continuous improvement lies at the core of Hiab’s environmental management system and can be achieved through a management commitment, by identifying the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services, and through continuous follow-up, review and analysis of environmental performance against the set objectives and targets.

Major environmental aspects are identified using an environmental impact analysis tool, analysis of reported indicators, the expectations of interested parties and on-site assessments and visits. 

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