Today, customers demand and expect more. Choosing the right business partners and equipment is critical if you want to stay on top, exceed expectations, and remain profitable. 

At Hiab, we know that it is no longer enough to just have the sturdiest, fastest or strongest machinery. Now, digital solutions are critical for a competitive edge. Our investment in digitalisation puts you in the driver’s seat to set new standards of efficiency, productivity, and safety in your business.

When you invest in a Hiab, digital solutions, after-sales service and original parts are all part of the package.  Always driven by data that supports business efficiency, always making it easier to get the job done, and always committed to superior safety.


The future of your business, today

Investing in digital solutions is an investment in your future. HiVision and HiConnect are industry leading and revolutionising technologies that release the potential of your business.


Data-driven business

Data is power at your fingertips that gives insights that support informed business decisions. Understand when, where and how equipment is being used, and act to get the most from your equipment and workforce.


Fleet coordination

Simplify fleet management by always knowing the capabilities of individual machines, resource availability and need for each job. Having overall control and visibility means fleets can be streamlined to meet the exact needs of daily and yearly demands.


Superior working experience

Industry leading technology provides a solid foundation for a rewarding, comfortable and productive working environment. Empower and retain employees with cutting-edge digitalisation and new ways of working.


Servicing minus downtime

Plan servicing and maintenance to coincide with scheduled resource downtime. Avoid pushing equipment to breaking point by following a service plan that ensures equipment is always operating at optimum performance levels.


Servicing that works for you

Hiab knows that your business needs to keep moving to be profitable, so we have created a range of service packages that meet every business need and budget. Hiab’s ProCare service and maintenance packages will keep your equipment and business up to speed, without cutting into the bottom line.


ProCare for Hiab

Get the right cover for your kit: loader cranes, hook lifts, skip loaders, truck mounted forklifts, forestry and recycling cranes are looked after by ProCare. Caring for your investment so you can take care of your business.


A warranty, why?

When you invest in a Hiab, the short- and long-term future of your business is in our hands. We take that seriously. We stand behind the design, build and safety of all of our machines - and back up that promise with industry leading warranties. Hiab warranties protect your investment and your business while you both settle into your new partnership.


Service on a global scale

Hiab machines work all over the globe, and your individual workplace is where you make money. The Hiab global service network operates to support your business, where you are. It’s not about what is convenient for us, so we come to you. Services are always carried out by trusted, expert technicians that know how to fix issues quickly and precisely.


Never compromise on quality parts

The premium product that you buy today should stay that way for its entire lifecycle. By always using original parts, you can be guaranteed that every lift, every load, every delivery will be as smooth and fast as the first. And when you order Hiab original spare parts, rapid delivery is part of the service. We’ve invested in our logistics so you can keep your logistics operating at full speed