A crane is constantly exposed to the elements of nature. Rain, dust, sand and sunlight are all unforgiving forces that wear on the crane all year around. To uphold the quality and performance of the crane year after year, it is absolutely crucial to provide it with an effective anti-corrosion surface protection.

This is why we have created nDurance. A technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nanotechnology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating
and powder painting. With nDurance we can offer the industry’s best hi-tech protection for your crane.

When you invest in a Hiab, Jonsered or Loglift crane, you’re investing in high performance and superior quality over time. nDurance safeguards a long and cost-effective ownership with a good looking crane throughout its lifetime.

Here you can read about nDurance, how the process is structured and the advantages you get from having your crane protected by nDurance.