Durable cut-to-length crane with the power to handle larger loads. Capacity of 12.0 tm.

The LOGLIFT 118S is the right choice when you have to load a lot of timber and the crane is under constant stress. This durable crane has the power to handle larger loads when necessary. The LOGLIFT 118S cut-to-length timber handling crane is available with a choice of several outreaches from 7.9 up to 10.1 metre. It can be fitted with an ergonomic high seat or a cabin with a comfortable, suspended seat. Both the high seat and the cabin offer a selection of options to make your work more comfortable. Ground controls are also available. No matter what outreach you need you can be confident that the 425 degrees slewing angle and D-link will enable swift loading and unloading.

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HiVision™ is a new way of operating your forestry crane, using camera-based vision technology.
It is also a smart way of working more productively, increasing payload and saving fuel.

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For handling cut-to-length logs, Hiab’s solution is the S-series.
Equipped with an ergonomic control station or a customized cabin, these cranes are stable and effective to use. The powerful slewing
system, excellent lifting capacity over the entire reach, combined with accurate and smooth control facilities make working easy.

High seat

The high seat is comfortable, ergonomic and easy to access via its spacious steps. The seat can be adjusted upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards – enabling you to find the perfect seating position for your body. You get an excellent view of the working area with a minimum of blind angles. The control valve is strategically tucked in low, underneath the seat. This unique solution improves the driver’s safety, takes away disturbing heat, and minimizes the turning radius.

Cabin extras

There are several useful options for the Hi-Cab to supplement the standard equipment. They include a 12V outlet, weighing system, cupholder, climate control, water or diesel heater, heated seat, auxiliary lighting or a radio with USB/MP3 ports. (Note that the TimberTronics control system already incorporates a weighing system.)

Cabin (optional)

Good view in all directions. Easy access to buttons and levers. Spacious interior and comfortable seat with armrests. Smart extra options. Neat, modern design. Fitted with a control system that makes it possible to adjust the crane to suit the way you drive, including integrated weighing and a straightforward fault diagnosis
system. If this matches your needs then the Hi-Cab could be the cabin of your choice.

Weighing system (optional)

Accurate weighing of loads may be essential for running your business. This helps you maximize payloads and profitability – while at the same time prevent overloading. A USB stick can be connected to the system making it easy to provide weight and pricing to your customer. The weighing system can be installed in the cabin. It is simple to use, quick to fit, and very reliable.

Electronic control with TimberTronics control system (optional)

Simply press a few keys on the display to adjust the hydraulic functions to suit the way you operate. Maybe you prefer slewing to ramp up gently or the boom to extend faster than it retracts? The TimberTronics control system also helps your mechanic track down the cause of any problem. He does this by plugging in a PC and running the fault diagnosis software. So you find out what’s wrong in a matter of minutes. Alternatively you can choose Hi-Cab™ cabin with MultiDrive2 electronic control.

Extra large footplates (optional)

Extra wide circular footplates are available as an accessory. These are useful when the crane has to be stabilized on an area where the surface has to be protected, for example asphalt, or when the ground is unstable.

Internal hose routing (optional)

The hydraulic hoses are well protected within the boom system. This keeps maintenance costs down and increases productivity. The highly wear resistant hoses have an impressively long service life and are easy to change. Two functions can be routed to the boom tip, making sure you can use the tools required for your application.

Hose Protection Link (optional)

Irregular loads such as logs, branches and scrap metal can be a problem and damage equipment – hydraulic hoses in particular are at risk. The Hiab Hose Protection Link, HPL, is a smart way of protecting them. Hydraulic hoses run from the crane tip through the link down to the rotator keeping them well protected, yet accessible for
service and maintenance as necessary.