HiVision™ is a new way of operating your forestry crane, using camera-based vision technology.
It is also a smart way of working more productively, increasing payload and saving fuel.

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With HiVision™, you operate your crane as you’ve always done, using the controls
you’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

The only difference is that you see the work area in special 3D video glasses. The
feeling is so natural you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference from reality.

HiVision™ offers you many important benefits. You will get more useful hours out of your working day because you can stay in the truck cabin and work from there.

You will be able to increase payload as weight is freed up without a crane cabin.
In addition, improved loading opportunities make it possible to transport more effectively and to save fuel.

Not to mention the comfort of staying indoors on a cold or rainy day. Just sit down behind your controls, put on your glasses and start working from the comfort of thetruck cabin.

You’ll experience a feeling of being there. The field of view is extended beyond 180
degrees, thus providing excellent peripheral vision. The elevated cameras give you a sense of overview and control of the work area.

Vision technology has been greatly refined in recent years. HiVision™ offers you a completely immersive feeling, like looking at the work area in direct vision. It is
therefore very easy to get started and work productively with HiVision™.

The technology is here now. Try it today. Perhaps your next crane will by controlled using HiVision™.


With HiVision™, your crane cabin is replaced by a machine vision system. Using high-quality cameras, the view from the optimal vantage point is captured. The operator uses a Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted display and sees a clear view of the loading area.

The forward view is captured using two cameras in high-quality stereoscopic 3D. Side cameras capture the surrounding view, allowing the operator to look around just as easily as from the crane cabin. Using image processing algorithms, vision is enhanced for improved contrast and image quality even in difficult lighting situations. 

Essential information about the truck and crane system is displayed in a heads-up display overlay, making it always available without obstructing the operator’s view.