Speed is crucial when handling heavy building materials. The faster the crane, the more goods delivered. The HIAB XS 177K is a powerful and fast worker that offers you unbeatable cost effectiveness and flexibility in materials handling.


The non-foldable K-boom system has geometries that are ideally suited for meeting the demands of the building-materials industries. It has an extra-long first boom and a shorter second boom. The long first boom provides faster moves from close in and far out. On the K-boom system, the two second boom extensions come out at the same time, driven by only one cylinder and a chain connection. This doubles extension speed, thus giving a very fast overall load cycle speed.


Constantly exposed to the elements, your crane needs the best in surface protection. HIAB nDurance is the industry’s most effective high-tech painting system, with a technologically advanced and environmentally sound process based on nanotechnology and e-coating. Exposed crane’s parts are first shielded by an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, which create stunning good looks that will last your crane’s lifetime.


The best crane is only complete with the best control technology. HIAB XS 177K cranes can be steered with two types of control system, both based on the highprecision, industry-leading HIAB V91M valve.

The HIAB Pro system is the perfect choice for manual high seat, while the HIAB HiPro system gives you remote control and the possibility to operate your crane from the ground. Both have special features that can give you up to 10% more capacity when you need it.


The HIAB XS 177K cranes feature the SPACE X4 intelligence system for
efficient monitoring and controlling all electronic functions. The system has
a simple and intuitive interface for maximal peace-of-mind.

To further facilitate operation, the HIAB XS 177K cranes are also equipped with an external display. It is mounted in high seat or delivered so that it can be placed in the truck cabin.