WCC instructions


Hiab presents the first ever World Crane Championship, the ultimate test of precision,
accuracy and nerves of steel. The competition is being held in recognition of the
highly skilled crane operators from around the World who perform demanding jobs
daily. Whoever is crowned World Crane Champion will walk away with a €5,000 travel
cheque and €20,000 towards the purchase of a new Hiab crane.


If you can beat Eric’s time or do not exceed: 2 min 47.00 sec you qualify for a Gold Certificate 3 min 07.00 sec; you qualify for a Silver Certificate 3 min 27.00 sec; you qualify for a Bronze Certificate You can use your certificate to market your competence and skill.


Because the will to win is nowhere near as important as the will to prepare for victory, we want to provide you with the best means to practice. We think almost every crane driver will have access to the various parts of the course. You will need 12 EUR pallets, 10 x 25-litre drums, a height obstacle 3 metres tall, a 200-litre barrel, and a 15-litre drum as the load. Add a tape measure and you’re ready to set up your course.



Timekeeping begins with the crane properly parked. With a load suspended from the hook, you must proceed past a number of drums, pass under a height limit and lower the load into a barrel. You must topple a number of drums around the course with the load, while other drums may absolutely not be touched at all. The clock stops when the crane is once again parked, and the indicator lamp showing that the crane is properly parked lights up.


The WCC truck and crane specification

Contestants will set their time using a HIAB X-HiPro 192 E-3 crane. One of the most advanced cranes in the world; equipped with the renown HiPro steering system, it has a lifting capacity of 16 tonne and an outreach of 10.8 meters, with max oil flow 90l/min. It is mounted on a Mercedes AXOR 2529L with a wheelbase of 6000mm, which has a 6.37 litre turbocharged, intercooled, 6 cylinder, direct injection diesel motor.

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