Meet the finalists


Hiab’s World Crane Championship has attracted the world’s best crane drivers.
We are very proud to present our finalists that are due to compete in the
WCC at the Birmingham CV show 15th of April 2015!


Tobias Bergström
Tobbes Kranbilar 

Tobias Bergström qualified in as a crane operator in 2009 and started his own company, Tobbes Kranbilar, which operates within construction and civil engineering. Tobias is confident of his chances, having experience operating the majority of truck mounted loading equipment. “It would be such an honour for me and my company, if I were to win the World Crane Championship.”


Guido Beaujean
Beaujean BV

Guido Beaujean is representing The Netherlands, and has been driving cranes since he was only 12 years of age. “It would be amazing to receive the title of World Crane Champion, and I think it’s great that skilled crane drivers are being recognised,” said Guido, who works for H.J. Beaujean BV Transport & Grondverzet, where he is sure that his colleagues are potential WCC winners too.


Bjoern Bischoff
Heinrich e.K.

Bjoern Bischoff has worked for Heinrich e.K. Grossolt in Germany for 3 and a half years, performing demanding crane jobs such as erecting prefabricated houses. “Entering the WCC was completely spontaneous, I thought: that’s exactly my cup of tea. I’m going to give it my all, because being World Crane Champion will be a huge achievement. Though, If I don’t win, I’ll take it like a sportsman!”


Ashley Myatt
Tudor Griffiths Group

Ashley Myatt is the U.K. North regional winner, and has held an operator’s licence for seven years. He works for Tudor Griffiths Group and currently uses a 122B-2HiDuo crane. Ashley was drawn to the WCC because of its prestige, and is keen to represent both his employer and his region. “I have my fingers crossed, and hope I bring victory to the U.K.”


Charles Blehin
Manutention Charles Blehin

Charles Blehin has been a crane operator since July 2013, and works for his own company which handles the placement of large windows in their frames. He is taking part in the WCC as a personal challenge. “To win would give me great personal satisfaction. Determination is what is most important here; I believe you should never give up, even in the hardest moments.”


Stian Aslaksen
Hågensen Kran og Transport

Stian Aslaksen from Norway has been a crane operator for two and a half years, and is confident of his chances of winning the WCC because of his familiarity operating Hiab cranes. He is a team member at Hågensen Crane and Transport, who specialise in freight transport by road. “To win the World Crane Championship would be one of the best memories of my life, and something I would remember forever.”


Johnny Jensen
Johnny Jensen

Johnny Jensen has been a crane operator for 21 years, and works for Benny Rasmussen and Son. Jensen has previously won a Hiab competition where he was the quickest to move dummy ducks into a pond using his crane. Johnny said: “It’s been incredibly fun to participate, and it would be my great honour and pride to win the WCC. I will do everything I can to take victory home to Denmark.”



Alexis has been driving a crane for ten years, like his father before him, at his family run business Ets Transport Mirande which is focused on transport and handling. He has been practicing for the WCC everyday with his employees. “I would like to be the best crane driver in the world. I haven’t recreated the WCC track but I have been practicing on drums.”


Martin Utpatel
Rolf Hachenberg Spedition

Martin Utpatel won the regional qualifying round in Germany, said: “The best kind of preparation for me is my daily work with my Hiab crane at Rolf Hachenberg Spedition. To win the WCC would crown my 20 years work with cranes in this performance class. This is a very prestigious title and I aim to do my very best.”


Darren Ryves
Williams Shipping Ltd

Darren Ryves is a HGV driver at William Shipping for 15 years. He achieved the quickest time in the U.K South qualifier – surprising even himself! Now he’s looking forward to demonstrating his skill and experience again in his bid to become the World Crane Champion. “Entering the WCC has been very exciting and challenging, and I am looking forward to the final.”


Mr. Gérard Thésias
OcquierBlocs S.A.

For 29 years Gérard Thésias has been operating a crane, and he is confident in his ability to control and lift anything, including a glass of beer. Gérard’s company use Hiab cranes daily, laying slabs, erecting framework and removing roofing. “I am participating in the WCC for
the challenge, and it is flattering to be a part of such a talented group of crane operators.”


Jukka Suttinen
JE-Trans Oy

Jukka Suttinen is determined to become the World Crane Champion and has built a replica practice track in preparation. The transport company entrepreneur and owner of Je-Trans Oy said: “To become World Crane Champion would be a superb acknowledgement after years of work. The competition so far has been a great and giving experience.”


Philippe HIGNARD

Philippe has worked for 26 years at his family run company, Sarl Hignard, which is focused on funeral activities. He is most excited about meeting crane drivers that are coming from all over the world, and exchanging their different experiences. He has created his own WCC race track and would be proud to be the best crane driver in the world... as he said : “ I can’t be number 2”!


Manuel Pfister
Schneider Umweltservice AG

Since 2009, Manuel Pfister from Switzerland has worked as a technical trader, transporting construction materials. He works as a senior manager for Schneider Umweltservice AG. “The challenge of the WCC awoke my interest. I have undertaken no preparation – I’m feeling brave – but I want to represent Switzerland worthily, and demonstrate Swiss precision and patience.”


David Campanaro
Rosemont Constructions

David is travelling over 10,000 miles to compete in the WCC, and after spending months practicing on a replica track in Melbourne, he can’t wait to prove himself in Birmingham. David has worked for Rosemont Constructions for 19 year. “I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to represent Australia and am looking forward to showing off the skills I have developed for over 16 years.”


Piotr Strożek
PHU Amikus

Piotr Strożek won the regional qualifier in Poland, and blew away the competition despite only having one year of crane operating experience. He is a team member at Amikus in Poland, where he drives a HIAB125. Piotr decided to enter the WCC because it peaked his curiosity. “It would be a great honour to win the World Crane Championship, and a great way to evaluate my skills as a crane driver.”

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