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In 1945, Cecil Moffett founded an engineering company in a small town in Ireland. Little did he know, that his company one day would become an iconic brand on the global market. 

Celebrating 70 years of innovative engineering
In 1945, in the small town of Clontibret, Ireland, Cecil Moffett founded an engineering company and began producing special agricultural equipment for the local industry. Over the years, through hard work, innovation and good reputation the company grew.

In 1986 MOFFETT invented the “Moffett Mounty” which quickly became a great success in the USA and Europe. Innovation continued, and in 2013 MOFFETT launched the E-series – ProFuture™, the world’s first Lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklifts.

Today, thanks to MOFFETT, truck mounted forklifts are indispensable in modern transport load handling. MOFFETT products are sold in over 45 countries worldwide, recognized everywhere as a true quality brand with a very customer focused mind-set.

In 2015, MOFFETT and its 230 employees celebrate the firm’s 70th anniversary. Constantly developing leading edge solutions to enable products, goods and services to be distributed in the most efficient manner possible.

MOFFETT is based in Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland. Please stop by if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. We’ll try and save some cake for you.


Counterbalance forklift manufactured in the early days of MOFFETT




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