WCC 2015

Die allererste World Crane Championship wurde 2015 bei der Commercial Vehicle Show im britischen Birmingham ausgetragen. Teilnehmer aus zwölf Ländern stritten um Ruhm und Sieg und zeigten fantastisches Können. Sie gaben ihr Bestes, um den Hauptpreis von 25.000 Euro zu gewinnen.

Die Finalisten nahmen zuvor im Jahr 2014 an den lokalen Qualifikationsrunden in mehreren Ländern teil und qualifizierten sich für das Finale in Birmingham. Kranführer aus der ganzen Welt kamen an diesen zwei tollen Tagen zusammen, um das Kranfahren zu feiern und das zu tun, was sie am meisten lieben – Kran fahren!

The winner was Johnny Jensen from Denmark at the impressive time 02:18:49. With a HIAB X-HIPRO 192 he manoeuvred the crane swiftly and precisely though a series of obstacles and won thanks to brilliant skills and nerves of steel.
"I am absolutely thrilled and happy to win this prestigious competition and delighted about my time," said Mr Jensen. "The atmosphere was so fantastic today!"

Carl Gustaf Göransson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Markets at Hiab, said: "The enthusiasm for the World Crane Championships has been tremendous, with people flying in from all over world, and a staggering amount of interest from the media and spectators. There is no better way to show off our fantastic HIAB cranes than with the world's best crane drivers."

"The success of this event means that we are committed to doing this annually, and I am pleased to announce that the 2016 World Crane Championships will be staged in Germany at the IAA Exhibition. So I would like to say to all the skilled crane drivers around the world: we look forward to seeing you next year, in our search for the Hiab World Crane Champion 2016."

Siegerzeit: 02:18:49

Johnny Jensen has been a crane operator for 21 years, and works for Benny Rasmussen and Son. Jensen has previously won a Hiab competition where he was the quickest to move dummy ducks into a pond using his crane. Johnny said: “It’s been incredibly fun to participate, and it would be my great honour and pride to win the WCC. I will do everything I can to take victory home to Denmark.”

Siegerzeit: 02:30:79

Tobias Bergström qualified in as a crane operator in 2009 and started his own company, Tobbes Kranbilar, which operates within construction and civil engineering. Tobias is confident of his chances, having experience operating the majority of truck mounted loading equipment. “It would be such an honour for me and my company, if I were to win the World Crane Championship.”

Siegerzeit: 02:37:92

Martin Utpatel won the regional qualifying round in Germany, said: “The best kind of
preparation for me is my daily work with my Hiab crane at Rolf Hachenberg Spedition. To win the WCC would crown my 20 years work with cranes in this performance class. This is a very prestigious title and I aim to do my very best.”

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